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junk removal

Junk Removal Express  Beat Major Competitor Pricing By Up To 40 Percent.  Available 7 days a week  Same Day service

We also specialize in removing items left over from a previous tenant. We Donate & Recycle Whenever possible.

Residential Junk and Debris Removal

Commercial Junk and Debris Removal

Rental Property Junk and Debris Removal

Broken Furniture

Yard Waste

Old Unwanted Appliances

Broken Appliances

Storage Locker Clear outs

Same Day and After Hours Service Available

Scrap Metal Removal

Yard Clean Up

Yard Waste Removal

Old or Unwanted Furniture

Rubbish  Garbage

Office Furniture

Construction Debris Removal


Propane Tanks




Estate Clear Outs

Old Furniture


Junk Furniture Removal (tables, chairs, etc.)
Couch Disposal (sofa, love seat, lazy boy, etc.)


Wood or Drywall

Yard Waste

Construction and Renovation Debris

Scrap Metal

Yard waste and Brush

Electronic Waste – E-Waste


Recycling      Furniture Removal    Box spring Removal  Mattress Disposal / Mattress Removal      Electronics Recycling        Metal Recycling – Scrap Metal Pick Up      Garage Cleanup, Cleanup and Basement Cleanup

Home Renovation Materials

Garage Cleanup

Office Cleanup Items

Empty Paint Cans

Residential Junk and Debris Removal

Commercial Junk and Debris Removal

Rental Property Junk and Debris Removal

Any other residential Junk You can think of



Mattress Removal (single, king, hide-a-bed, etc.)
Appliance Removal (dryer, dishwasher, stove,)
TV, Computers & Electronics DisposalAppliances




Propane Tanks




Books, Paper, Magazines

We pick up your unwanted items, sorting & directing them responsibly. We take a gestalt approach to resource management and therefore a REAL offering of Green Service. Our team of junk removal professionals will load all your junk you have set outside, no matter what is it, into our trucks and then we take it either to the dump or the appropriate recycling depot.We take recycling seriously, because we care about the environment and we know you do to. When it comes to recycling and junk removal, most of your garbage goes to one of the two facilities at Urban WoodWaste Recyclers. Instead of ending up in a landfill, they recycle up to 90% of your junk. This helps save the planet.  All you have to do is leave it outside and we’ll do the rest, We effectively infuse tones of usable consumer products into our local community independently as well as partnering with local charities.

Junk Removal express provides  garbage disposal and recycling for the following areas of the lower mainland and Fraser Valley including


junk removal express Call Us: 604-512-2921


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Junk and Recycling

Are you looking for a company who can handle all of your junk removal needs.   Junk Removal Express in Vancouver – lower mainland .We are Experts in the Junk Removal and Cleanup Business of Homes, Offices,  Government Properties, Apartments, Construction Sites, Businesses, Family Estates,

Commercial Junk Removal

Office clean outs, construction waste, parking lot maintenance and more

Sofa / Couch Removal

Love Seat, Sofa, Sectional Couch, Lazy Boys, futons or hide-a-bed couch removal, we will remove, recycle or donate to charity.

Junk Furniture Removal

includes Dressers, Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Rugs, etc. for removal and recycling. Junk Removal Express always brings extra hands to make sure your furniture is safely removed from your home.

Yard Waste Removal

Old fencing, rotten decking, brush, patio furniture – we’re here to help you with whatever general yard waste you need to be removed.

Electronics or TV Disposal

TV’s, Monitors, Electronics and more! We ensure they go to a depot that can recycle as many parts from the TV’s as possible, Electronics or TV Disposal.

Household Appliance Removal

Fridge, stove, dishwashers, washers and dryers, or any major appliances for removal and recycling and more 

Mattress Removal

Single, Queen or King size Mattress removal and box spring recycling, Junk Removal Express will remove and recycle any size mattress.

Renovation Junk Removal

We will dispose of renovation materials, junk and garbage including drywall, paint cans, old carpets, floor tiles, carpets or Linoleum Call Us: 604-512-2921

all the work from one item to multi truck loads “on time and on price.”  Our friendly uniformed Crews divert 100% of all recyclables from being dumped at the Landfill, resulting in a much smaller “Carbon Footprint.”

Our Recycling are perfect for Schools, Businesses, Charities or community partners that are looking for a recycling solution – look no further! we are here to provide you with a cleaner, greener, recycling solution for cardboard recycling, electronic recycling, paper recycling, organic recycling, plastic recycling and metal recycling, We are doing everything we can to help reduce our carbon footprint by offering our Warrior Totes recycling services to local business, schools, charities and community partners.



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Junk Removal in Vancouver

Today Junk Removal Express in Vancouver went to pick up junk from a costumer  garage and  some old kitchen cabinets in the house and we took them without any issues. The cost is calculated by the truck  so you know you’re not getting ripped off. There was an extra cost for mattresses (Junk Removal Express informed the costumer of this ahead of time) because we get charged when we bring it to the dump.

The costumer  hoped that we  will do a pick-up the same day (a Thursday), but we booked through the weekend, so you will possibly have to make a reservation a few days ahead of time.

The following are list of items that include, but are not limited to:

Junk Junk provides Junk Removal Company,Residential Junk Removal,Commercial Junk Removal,Recycling,Trash Removal,Furniture Removal,Debris Removal,Appliances Removal,Demolition,Dirt Removal,Garbage Pickup,Fallen Tree Removal,Glass Removal,Waste Removal,Garbage Removal

Junk Removal Company

Residential Junk Removal
Commercial Junk Removal
Trash Removal
Furniture Removal
Debris Removal
Appliances Removal
Dirt Removal
Garbage Pickup
Fallen Tree Removal
Glass Removal
Waste Removal
Garbage Removal

. Appliances
. Furniture
. Old electronics
. Computers and Monitors
. Clothes
. Cardboard and other recyclable paper products
. Carpeting
. Scrap metal
. Ceramics
. Tires
. Garage items
. Household metals
. Estate Waste
. Yard Waste
. Lumber

Call us today at 604-512-2921

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Junk Removal

We offer junk removal in Surrey, Burnaby and Vancouver BC for residential & commercial properties. We remove junk, trash, waste, and other types of rubbish

Service Provided

Industrial,  Commercial, Residential, Schools removal, rubbish removal, junk hauling, commercial hauling, residential junk hauling ,junk pick up, Portland office clean outs, foreclosure trashout, Office junk removal

Get junk-free home with the Best Junk Removal Company in Vancouver. Our experience and industries include:

• Restaurants Office and Apartment Buildings
Would you like to have that junk and garbage removed? Are there piles of waste laying around in your home or office and you wish to remove them without having to wait weeks for a permission to hire a skip? All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us 604-512-2921 Junk Removal Express . We provide remarkable rubbish removal in Vancouver – BC services to clear junk, garbage, trash and scrap from your home or business at affordable rates.

Residential & Commercial
Junk removal express  company is providing superior and courteous customer service guaranteed. We serve the Vancouver area for any type of Junk removal big or small so you can clean your home without going through the hassle alone.
We offer same day junk removal express service for your convenience, with weekend and evening availability for those on a tighter schedule. Our junk removal rates below vary depending on where the rubbish or debris needs to be removed from, how heavy the load is, and how much time it takes to clear out. Rates include loading, dump fees and transfer provided the junk removal. Junk removal express waste removal specialists remove junk from any area in and around your home or business and we do the lifting and hauling so you don’t have to. From pick-up to disposal, Junk removal express the job done right while beating local competitor pricing by 20%.

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